User client: Metropolitan Namibia ltd
Date: 2010- 2011
Value: N$ 13,4 Million

Among the cluster of multi story buildings in the city of Windhoek, in walled masses, the Metropolitan Head Office exudes the aura of Post Modernism renewed. As an urban Monument, the architect realized the importance of preserving the typology of this building and its significance relative to time, however, with modern aesthetic appeal. The drive for this refurbishment project is not only the preservation of a singular entity but also the creation of an icon that restores the vitality of the city.

The environmental behaviour of this building yields low energy consumption as a result of high thermal content retained through the massive walls leading to little or no heating. Furthermore, lifts with regenerative drives were used and together with LED lighting and energy efficient air- conditioning, the energy efficiency of the building was enhanced. The use of horizontal lines and colour, break the monumental scale of the building into generously stacked rectangles and curvilinear elements, while remaining faithful to the pure forms. Hence, a unique character to a monumental design is established. Most importantly, the renovations to Metropolitan building have been executed under strict budgetary constraints and this essentially grounded the design team to meticulous thought processes in order to balance budget, quality and time creatively.

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