User client: Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Date: 2008-2010Value: (Phase 1&2): N$ 133 Million

The government of the Republic of Namibia established a public service charter that was aimed at improving the quality of public service delivery in the country. To this ends, the Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management was established and needed accommodation for its operations. The brief essentially called for a training facility, which would incorporate a library, lecture rooms, computer labs, multi- purpose hall, and offices for administration, cafeteria, an amphitheatre and printing rooms.

Design Approach
The architects realized very early in the design process that with the limited budget available, an ingenious way had to be found to realize the client’s ambitions. Individual buildings spread out over the site was considered not an option as these will lead to duplication of facilities such as entrance lobbies, ablution facilities, circulation areas such as walkways and stair wells and would lead to increased cost. The building concept therefore sought to consolidate the disparate elements of the brief in one, singular building while maintaining the functionality of the different spatial units. The flexible use of the different spaces in the building was also considered of utmost importance. For example, syndicate rooms should double up as offices, and boardrooms as possible study areas. The design had to take into account future, possible phases for expansion of the campus once additional funding is available.

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