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Jan Jonker Street, Windhoek, Namibia

The AD Force Advertising building, seeks to establish and enhance the corporate identity of the client in pure, physical built form. The aesthetics of the building reaches well beyond its primary, functional use and encapsulates and symbolizes the client’s business and expertise.


The design brief was realized through tight, budgetary constraints while seeking to achieve a unique and positive form, leading to a remarkable and unique office building.


The robustness of the materials and design expression makes it a much bigger attraction, an idiosyncratic gesture generated from intersecting pure forms. A punctured hollow drum that is integrated with a rectangular form, creating a simple but elegant singular entity, characterizes these pure forms.


The hollow drum acts as a vertical circulation element while at the same time announcing the point of entry to visitors. Basic, geometric shapes punctuate the drum and thereby establish a powerful metaphor for the profession of graphic design.


To the northern side, a similarly punctured curvilinear wall partially creates a filtering screen from neighbouring buildings, thus creating privacy in a subtle manner and embraces entertainment areas and private spaces.


The curvilinear entrance wall also shields the interiors against unfavourable glare and radiation from the early morning sun.

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