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Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek Central

The eight-storey office development for the Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA) of Namibia is designed as an annex to a heritage dwelling with cellular office space around an atrium. 


This building is to serve as the headquarters of BIPA in a fast growing area of Windhoek. This modern building will contribute significantly and positively to the changing skyline in this part of town. The office tower “stands” respectfully back from the heritage dwelling, giving prominence to this building, which will mainly accommodate functions that caters to the general public. A major integrated staircase and ramp configuration that straddles the entire frontage of the plot, situates the building on a podium and creates direct access to both the heritage building to the front and the office tower at the back through an articulated axial walkway that terminates at the entrance. The architectural language employed is contemporary modernism which anchors this building firmly in the norms of modern corporate architecture.

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