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Eenhana, Namibia

Eenhana, a town in northern Namibia, was the location of at least five mass graves of the People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) freedom fighters who were killed by South African forces during the Namibian War of Independence.  One such mass grave was discovered while construction work was continuing for the rehabilitation of the local airstrip in 2007.  


The government commissioned the Eenhana Memorial Shrine for the remains that were discovered such, which was to be inaugurated in 2007 during a ceremony over which the President was to preside.


This memorial commemorates the "women and men who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country; who died while liberating Namibia from colonialism". The statue itself of a woman holding a flag as opposed to the norm with memorials of a man holding a gun emphasize the lives of woman who fought and provided food to fighters during this war. The pointed granite structure behind the statue symbolizes the Mopane leaves with which their shelters was cladded.


The memorial incorporated three over-sized graves, of which one was utilized while the remainder were reserved for future burials.  In addition to the graves, a parade ground, an amphi-theatre, kiosks, ablution facilities and guardhouses were provided.

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