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Kleine Kuppe, Windhoek, Namibia

The project consists of 101 Sectional Title Units located in an up and coming residential area in Windhoek, Namibia. The development contains 34 three bedroom houses and 67 two-bedroom houses.


The site is approximately 2 hectares in size, has a rather steep gradient and is situated adjacent to Windhoek’s only petting zoo. The natural elements on site informed most of the design but one of the major significant design informants for the project was to create a residential development where people can eat, sleep, relax and feel at home.


Two streams run through the undulating site into a main river, these streams and areas around them form recreational green spaces, which includes a spacious playground under two very old Camelthorn Trees. The streams divide the site in three distinct sections determining the entrances to the site.


Most of the site is accessible to all 101 owners by foot; each owner has its own private garden section to enjoy. The three entrances were also created to promote security and surveillance on site and to control vehicle access.


The gradient and orientation of the site resolved the form and positioning of units. All units are double story facilitating public-private spaces such as the kitchen, dining and living areas on the ground floor and more private spaces such as bedrooms on the first floor.

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