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Otjomuise, Windhoek, Namibia

The commission called for the development of a high density middle income residential development in a PPP arrangement between the local authorities, the financier and the developer.  It was decided from the on-set that the development shouldn’t mimic the typical row-house plan configuration that is preferred for these type of developments and often leads to uniform, monotonous living environments. A mixture of free standing two bedroomed- and three-bedroomed duplex units, as well as low-rise apartments were catered for; accounting for a total of 43 359 square meters of building area.


In order to accommodate 477 units on a single site, a design strategy was adopted to split the units up into smaller neighborhoods separated by lungs of green spaces.  Nine different types of units were designed in order to allow for the greatest variety, as well as to respond to the varying topographical conditions on site. For the individual units, the design allowed for a fore-court off the street from which access is gained; and a backyard to facilitate outdoor living.  A patio that caters for a small entertainment area is provided for in the backyard.  These units have living areas situated either on lower floor or upper floor level, dependent on where they are located on site and ease of access.

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