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Dr. Libertine Amadhila Street, Ongwediva

The Ongwendiva regional office complex for the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) was commissioned as an upmarket office complex to accommodate the MVA fund and to offer additional office space for lease. It is envisaged that the MVA Fund’s future expansion could grow into the leased units.


The complex comprises of four contained units, each with buildings around a series of courtyards. The courtyards are secure and private outdoor activity or relaxation spaces.


The MVA occupies the larger of the units on site while two smaller units are rented out. The fourth unit comprises a conference and bar facility to be shared by the complex.

Buildings are expressed as simple rectangular open-plan boxes for maximum planning flexibility, with generously-sized curved roofs floating above a band of shaded clerestory windows, allowing indirect sunlight into the buildings.


In an environment of high solar radiation and glare, shading of walls and building surroundings is crucial for sustainable interior climate control.


The general architectural expression allows the different units to express a limited degree of individuality, without reducing the legibility or destroying the coherence of the complex.

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