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Cnr Feld & Lazarett Streets, Windhoek, Namibia

When the para-statal; NamibRe, commissioned the architects for the design of their new Corporate Head Office, they emphasized a few points of importance:

  • The need to allow for future growth.

  • A unique corporate identity.

  • The use of sustainable energy solutions.


The overall design concept was derived from the NamibRe logo which incorporates a grain storage basket or "eshisha", as it is commonly known in Oshiwambo. This logo aptly represents the business of the client, which is securing clients against future risk.


The building was thus conceived of as a series of "baskets" containing functional spaces. A circular volume, shaped in the form of the "eshisha", serves as a pivot around which two rectangular volumes or "baskets" hinge.


The building is also designed to take full advantage of passive energy sources such as natural cross ventilation and natural lighting through extensive operable fenestrations, area lighting through solar power from solar panels installed on the rooftop of the circular volume.


The NamibRe Head Office contributes a unique aesthetic to a neighbourhood that is arguably the most dynamic and fastest growing section of Windhoek.


In general, the NamibRe head office blends into its urban fabric without much effort and proudly proclaims its uniqueness as well as it's connection to the Namibian culture, while remaining uncompromisingly modern.

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