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Feld Street, Windhoek Central

This Office building, completed in 2016, won an Award of Merit from the Namibia Institute of Architects (NIA) in 2017.  The judges’ citation, inter alia, stated the following:


“a clearly organized administrative office block , which enables a comfortable working environment where user wellbeing is both functionally and psychologically achieved with an economy of means.” 


The Road Fund Administration (RFA) is a state-owned enterprise that was established with the object of managing the Namibian road user charging system in such a manner as to secure and allocate sufficient funding for the achievement of a safe and economically efficient road sector. 


The building is conceived of as cubist form punctuated by square windows representing the office/ working spaces behind the façade while vertical strip windows coincides with vertical circulation space. 

The design explores mass and void relationships while the layout configuration is centred on a strong public to privacy gradient. Public spaces have open and transparent walls at strategic zones to allow internal spaces to draw in the outside environment, and thereby welcome visitors. The private work spaces are organized as cellular spaces that surround the central atrium space. The vertical building form culminates in a cantilevered roof plane that hovers over the entertainment area to shield from the harsh sunlight of the arid environment.


The building comprises a basement level with parking for 50 cars, an additional upper level parking area for 40 cars, and four (4) floor levels of office space. Altogether, 52 offices, 3 boardrooms and other auxiliary support spaces were provided.


The office project is located in an area of Windhoek that is notably characterized by rapidly growing commercial and residential developments.

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