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Auasblick, Windhoek

This contemporary modernist house is well characterized by its simplified forms and structural ornamentation, with a subtle robustness it quietly sits on a corner of Ewood Street allowing for a rational dialogue within the cul-de-sac.


The structure comprises of pure rectangular forms interlocked to create seamless spaces that flow into another through its ability to interlink outdoor and indoor spaces and separate functions within the house hierarchically. Balconies are created as a result of an extended cantilevered form that hovers above an outdoor entertainment patio to create an intimate inside-outside space below.


Essentially, the house comprises of an elongated concrete box housing private spaces, a public level that wraps around an entertainment courtyard and a large curtain walled space framed with a pure sleek geometric envelope to create remarkable levels of usable spaces, explicitly a formal lounge and study cum atrium volume.


Courtyard spaces are embraced by the generic form of the building. The exterior space thus filters to interior public open spaces at the same level which is regulated by transparent membranes such as frameless folding doors.


Privacy and connections to surroundings is achieved by controlled openings that in turn perform a function that is not only regulating the temperature levels of the interior but also articulates the building.


Moreover, it overlooks the low lying areas beyond thus creating breathtaking panoramic views from all sides of the building.


This house epitomises the concept behind a genuine modernist design of the 21st century through its structural, functional and aesthetic articulation.

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