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Auasblick, Windhoek, Namibia

The split level dwelling situated in a high end residential neighbourhood caters for open plan living with three bedrooms, all with en-suite bathroom facilities.  The steep topography of the site necessitated the  splitting of the plan configuration in two levels oriented along an east-west axis and layered to accommodate the open plan living areas of the dwelling to the front and the private spaces towards the back of the site.  Only the foyer and double garage is situated on the lower level.


The bedrooms at the back of the house are fitted with generous sliding doors and lives out onto an elongated lap pool straddling the entire length of the house and situated below the upper garden terraces.  These allows for in-interrupted views over the roof of the house towards the Auas mountains.  The house is situated to the front of the site, allowing for generous backyard divided in two three level garden terraces against the steep slope of the site, which makes them both private and intimate.

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